Color Man



Chen-Chun , Wang

《Color Man》藉由色彩表現二元對立衝突與多元同理心包容觀點。故事敘述一個以黑白顏色用來評論好壞的星球,然而主角阿帽生來是個有表情的孩子,卻不被這星球的人所接受,因此他從小戴著大帽子掩飾自己的情感,直到被這星球的人逼到錯亂,他猛撞地板而從頭部噴出血來,血液與大自然交融後產生從未見過的顏色,這些顏色讓阿帽感覺到情感,於是他將色彩分享給這星球的人,讓他們能夠體會到阿帽的情感,最後黑白的星球因著阿帽而變成了彩色的星球。

The work, Color Man, uses colors to convey Dualism and pluralism. Color Man establishes a narrative about a fictitious planet that only knows white and black, or good and bad. The protagonist, A Mao, is a child who hides his vivid expressions by wearing a hat to fit in with the rest of the planet's population. Driven to insanity by those around him, A Mao bangs his head against the floor until blood gushes out of it. The blood merges with nature to create unprecedented colors that bestow A Mao with the ability to feel emotions. Following this, he decides to share these colors with the rest of the planet so that others may feel what he is feeling. In the end, the black and white planet is transformed into a colorful one.